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James Bertsch

James Bertsch, aka "Whitebeard", met his future wife Ursula in Switzerland. In those early days, communication was difficult, and tears were not uncommon. However, some twenty two years later, during James's senior year at Stanford, the pair went skiing and their relationship took a heavenly turn after a missed Heavenly turn. The slippery slope led to a tree, a marriage, and four talented children who all enjoy music and travel. In fact, James once composed and performed with his family a 26 song tribute to international travel destinations featuring 14 different instruments of which he played 9, albeit not simultaneously. On his 40th birthday, while looking for a tuba for his oldest son in New York, he fell in love with a Keilwerth SX90R Tenor Sax, to which he is now generally faithful if you don't count the occasional alto fling in the desert. In addition to BMATHB, he also plays his tenor in the band "Tastes Like Chicken". In his spare time, James designs Mass Spectrometers for Agilent Technologies.