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Jeff Thompson

Jeff plays trumpet with Big Mike & the HartBeats and loves it.  The band rehearses in his garage and have a great time doing it, especially when everyone stays over for dinner.  Jeff started playing trumpet when he was in grade school in the San Jose area and played through High School.  Jeff played a little in college in the Concert Band, Symphony, and 2 quarters of Electronic Music.  After college, Jeff was very fortunate to hook up with some other Brass players to form a Church Brass Group at the Presbyterian Church of Los Gatos.  This was in 1981 and he has been playing ever since.  Jeff’s good friend Al Dailey and he are the only remaining charter members still in the group.  It was also Jeff’s good fortune to meet and marry Toneh, his wife of 25 years.  They have 3 kids: Daniel age 22, Sarah age 19, and Joshua age 15.  The kids all play brass instruments which makes Dad very happy.  Toneh plays the piano.  The kids have grown up trying to sleep while Dad is playing the trumpet, but somehow it has never bothered them.  Jeff also likes to get out on his bicycle 2-3 times a week for exercise and he used to play golf.  As it turns out, one of Toneh’s sisters is Mariette Hart who is married to Big Mike.  Jeff is grateful to be able to play with Big Mike & the HartBeats since we all like to have fun playing music to the Glory of God.  Jeff’s hope is that we can bring fun music to the community for everyone’s enjoyment!!!